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every week!
Each week, a new challenge. Your goal: try to solve this problem with as few bytes as possible. There are rankings for each programming language.
Over 20 programming
languages available
You can try to solve the challenges in more than 20 different programming languages. Click HERE to see the list of 20 languages.
Discover the
best answer
After the week of competition, the best answer is revealed for all to see. If you can improve it, you can submit an improved answer for the community to see the best possible solution.
Ask for
If you can't understand the solution, feel free to put a comment under the solution saying that you don't understand this part. You can upvote the useful answers and downvote the answers that are not correct
When it ends,
it starts over
When the week of competition ends, the answers are revealed. You may think it's the beginning of boredom. However, the second the competition ends, a new one begins for a week and so on.
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